Hello there! I’m Darren Kearney (well, I’m one of them anyway). I’m a programmer interested in game development and working mostly with web development. In my spare time I like to make art, which is here and on instagram @darrencearnaigh. I also play drums.

This website showcases my art skills.  Putting my artwork out here for your viewing pleasure is both challenging and motivating for me, the shy scribbler that I am.

If you would like to use my artwork (or derivatives/remixes) for non-commercial purposes, credit me for my work and include a link to my website, https://darrenkearney.me somewhere visible on the piece or in an easy to locate manner.  If you wish to use my artwork for any commercial purpose (great, thanks for your interest!) you must contact me before use. Don’t worry, I’m a friendly guy!

[Link to contact page]

Thank you for reading, I hope you enjoy your visit!

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