Floating Island With Engine

Floating Island with Engine by Darren Kearney

More floating islands. I’ve recently been recalling Time of Defiance, a game I played many years ago. I really enjoyed the setting, and the game itself, even though I was never good at playing it.

I’ve been wanting to play it again, but it doesn’t exist anymore and the company seems to have fallen off the planet. Sadface.

In the search for something to scratch that itch I’ve come across a new game, Castle Story by Sauropod Studio. It’s currently in beta and looks like a lot of fun. To be honest, I’m not totally partial to their cutesy aesthetic, even though it seems to be done well. Don’t get me wrong though, if money were no object I would probably be playing it right now, and loving it! I wish all the best to Castle Story and Sauropod Studio and will be checking in to see the game develop through beta.