Lady Blackbird RP Characters

So a bunch of my friends and I like to play RPG’s on occasion, we enjoy the heavy narrative style without any rules. Our GM used the setting and characters from the steampunk game Lady Blackbird to get things going. Once I chose my character sheet I started to doodle a portrait. Before I knew it I was drawing everyones character portrait on their respective character sheets. It’s been a while since I’ve drawn anything, and it was intensely fun!

Here’s some scans of the drawings, and a half-finished digital painting.

Naomi Bishop Portrait Sketch (as duel warhammer  half-orc)

Kale Arkam Portrait Sketch

Dr. Di'Angelo Portrait Sketch

Captain Cyrus Vance Portrait Sketch

Naomi Bishop Portrait Unfinished Digital Painting (as duel warhammer  half-orc)