Pixel wizard

This post brings you a pixel art wizard proficient in the arcane and dark arts.  My color pallete is heavily influenced by Hyper Light Drifter‘s neon-pink loveliness.

Pixel Wizard just standing there, staring, all rigid and unnerving-like: Pixel art Wizard, with animated cloak.

Pixel Wizard summoning a floating skull: Pixel Wizard summoning a Skull.  Pixel art animation

Magic Skull: Magic Skull pixel artMagic Skull again – enbiggened for your eyeballs viewing pleasure:

Magic Skull (enbiggened)A little animation test that I should have done before trying any animation at all (but hey it’s all a learning experience!):

Blob pixel art test animationSome lessons learned today:

Animation with photoshop is in fact much easier than I initially thought.  My method for these was such that I split each frame into a seperate layer, drawing each frame by hand with help from copy & paste, then switching the visibility on/off for each layer during each frame of the animation.  Afterwards, I discovered that my version of photoshop seems to be able to handle keyframing of simple transformations, which could mean many wonderful animation things in the future.  Also, some lessons about the best algorithm to pick for exporting pixel art gif’s.